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Local Harvest Challenge 2013 – What’s on the Menu? (on a budget)

March 31, 2013

After thinking about it, this week is definitely going to be ‘budget’ challenge. As I mentioned it is harvest week and with extra very hungry bodies in the house, it is going to be interesting! So here goes, in no particular order, this is what I am planning for the week with what I have available in my home garden (not the farm), from our fruit and veggie box, meat from our local butcher, bread from one of our local bakeries, a few other bits (dairy etc) from a couple of other local family run small businesses and from what is already in my pantry/fridge……..

Of course things may and probably will change (considering all hands will be on deck for Apple Harvest, not leaving a lot of time for the meals) but this is the grand plan 🙂

This is the plan for what we will be eating for the week:

Fruit Salad
Homemade Honey Toasted Muesli/Porridge

Morning Tea


Mains (in no order)
Pumpkin Risotto (with prosciutto optional)
Chicken and Brocoli Pasta Bake
Autumn Soup w/Pork Meatballs
Bangers and Mash w/Brussel Sprouts
Slow Cooked Stew (still to be confirmed)
BBQ (still to be confirmed)

Desserts (in no order)
Sticky Fig Tart
Strawberry Mess
Molong Gelato
Apple Pie

The Local Harvest Challenge starts tomorrow! Stand by for our daily updates!!

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