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John, daughter Katie and son-in-law Beau are third and fourth-generation farmers based in Nashdale, in the central-west district known as ‘the food basket of NSW’. For over 10 years they have sold their superior produce direct to loyal customers at markets across Sydney.

In the true spirit of the Farmers’ Market, chances are that the person who sells you a kilo of apples was part of the team that picked them. The team’s principles are simple: grow, sell and educate.

Discover the journey of your dinner from farm to plate.

The Farm Gate by Nashdale Fruit Co specialises in heirloom varieties of produce rarely found at the average grocer. Most popular are their unwaxed apples and their own pressed juice, myriad varieties of potatoes and luscious multitudes of fruit and vegetables. Their specialist range is complemented by produce sourced from neighbours and friends to offer you the widest possible range.

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  1. June 1, 2010 7:43 am

    Hello there! Your blog looks great and am really looking forward to being able to see what you are up to on the farm. Thank you also for posting a link to the story I wrote about you too – really appreciate it. We are hoping to get over to Marrickville Markets this weekend – finally will be able to say hello in person! Take care, Tracey.

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