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Local Harvest Challenge 2013 – Other Produce (on a budget)

March 31, 2013



We have the Fruit and Veggie’s covered with our large mix box, now it is time for the other produce we will use this week!

Yesterday we went for a visit to local store Canobolas Pure Health (CPH). This is one of our local, family run businesses that we visit at least once weekly. Lucas and Danielle have created a great and very innovative store! It is not by any means ‘just’ a health food store, there is so much more.

We weekly stock up on our dairy products from them as they have recently started stocking milk, butter, cream, yoghurt and cheeses produced by or from Country Valley milk products. The milk is not the cheapest around (how can it be with the crazy supermarket wars?) but the quality of the product is far superior to many others. Let alone the superior farming practices that John from Country Valley uses. Picton, where Country Valley is located, is not down the road but it is close enough. It is only a couple of hundred kilometres away (and in our state) and unfortunately there is no where else ‘local’ for us that is producing the same quality products.

We had also run out of our homemade toasted honey muesli so CPH is our one stop shop for these ingredients also.  On the shopping list was rolled oats, honey and olive oil. CPH stock as many locally made products as possible. If they can not find it local, then they are always looking for the most local product they can find, but always keeping in mind producer practices and sustainability. Danielle and Lucas will also be able to tell you the exact story behind almost every product in their shop and their producers, it is such a great experience. Even to the point where Lucas will fresh roll/press your oats for you (see photos), I don’t think we could ask for a better shopping experience for our 2 year old than to watch this happen.

The store is definitely worth a visit and their juice bar is stocked with great produce and a very tasty menu. Of course they have our fruit and vegetables in the juice bar too, even better :).

At the moment I have some meat (Trunky Creek Pork), eggs (Happy Chook Co) and dairy products (Jannei Dairy) that are in my fridge/freezer from our last Orange Region Farmers Market. Luckily for us if we have run out we are able to buy these products from either our local IGA or A Slice of Orange which is another of our go to stores for local products. For our bread we usually head to Racine Bakery or Robert Bakery and our meat can be from any of our local butchers but usually either Farm Gate Butcher or M&J Butchery .

Unlike last year’s challenge where I made homemade gnocchi from local flours etc, this year unfortunately I won’t have time to do this for the challenge. We do however not usually eat a lot of processed foods, but, at this time of year (harvest) we do often add pasta and rices in our food. I will be using some of these this week and they are already in my pantry as I often buy these in bulk. In this instance we always buy Australian made or produced products where possible. The cakes or deserts that will be made will be made with local Manildra flour or flour that I have had milled at CPH as these are the flours I keep in my pantry all year round.

Now, meal planning time……….

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