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Local Harvest Challenge 2013 – Day 4 & 5 (on a budget)

April 5, 2013

IMG_3739 IMG_3746

Thursday and Fridays are all about preparing for our Sydney Farmer’s markets. There was of course more apple harvesting to be done this week, but generally Thursday and Fridays are all about getting ready for Sydney. During harvest we often refer to Fridays as ‘no sleep Fridays’. Hopefully not this week though!

Other than the meal part of our challenge and supporting other local businesses we have also been working on getting our local fruit and veggie boxes up and running. We have today, finalised details and are starting the local box deliveries/pick ups on Thursday 18th April. We are taking orders and if anyone locals to Orange or the Orange Region are interested, please send us an email at and we will forward the details to you.

Being the end of the farm week, but start of the markets week we have had a mixture of fresh cooked meals and left overs for Day 4 & 5 of our challenge.

Day 4

Breakfast – Mix of toast, fruit, yoghurt and homemade honey toasted muesli

Lunch – Sandwiches

Morning/Arvo Tea – Left over Cinnamon Apple Cake

Dinner – Roasted Pumpkin, Rosemary and Pancetta Risotto

Day 5

Breakfast – Mix of toast, fruit, yoghurt and homemade honey toasted muesli

Lunch – Sandwiches (again)

Afternoon Tea –  Left over Cinnamon Apple Cake and Fruit

Dinner – Roast Veggie Fritata (with left over vegies from the week).
We also often use our local Salt Bird herb and salt mixes to add flavor during our cooking which we used for this dinner. We buy it directly from Salt Bird at our local farmer’s market but there are other stockists in Orange also. Check their website for details!

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  1. cheryl Hartsorn permalink
    April 7, 2013 4:04 pm

    This looks delicious Katie. I dont know how you manage everything you do with a busy family life. You are a great ambassador for not only Orange and district produce by also for healthy economical living . Thank you for your inspiration.

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