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Local Harvest Challenge 2013 – Day 2 (on a budget)

April 2, 2013
Today has been a truly exhausting day for all the team at The Farm Gate. All exhausted and half asleep before dinner even hit the table (apart from the 2yr old of course). It’s just that time of the year and season.
Harvest of the Fuji apples was put off again until tomorrow, but tomorrow will be the day! Instead more time was spent on the new veggie patch or paddock as it should be known as. It has been a slow work in progress. It has taken a back seat to the orchard over the last months. Between harvests though, Beau has managed to find some time to start to get it going. We have grand plans for it!
Meals today were basic.
Breakfast was just some great sourdough bread from local bakery Racine and some of our own fig jam.
Lunch sandwiches were made using cheeses from A Slice of Orange, double smoked ham from Trunky Creek Pork and again some of our own tomato relish.
Dinner we had a Chicken and Brocoli Pasta Bake. Something that is delicious staple of ours during harvest time especially. It is filling, full of great flavors and pretty good for you apart from a crusty cheese top. Also when made back to back with the dinner from last night (Autumn Soup with Pork Meatballs), time preparing and money are considerably cut for the dish.
Tonight I managed to find some time (and keep my eyes open) to make and restock our supply of Homemade Honey Toasted Muesli. My recipe changes every time I make it depending on what I have in the cupboard. My ideal ‘local’ recipe is below but the recipe I made today only has raisins, our dried figs and flaked coconut in it. Still very yummy. The raisins, flaked coconut, rolled oats, oil and honey are from Canobolas Pure Health as mentioned in our post from a day or so ago Local Harvest Challenge 2013 – Other Produce (on a budget).
Homemade Honey Toasted Muesli – Recipe (so easy, tasty and apart from the sugar all sourced locally)
1/4-1/2 cup Honey
1/4-1/2 cup Oil
1/4 cup Brown Sugar (optional)
3 cups Rolled Oats
1/2 cup Flaked Coconut
1/2 cup Raisins
1/2 cup Dried Figs chopped
1/4 cup Dried Apples chopped
1/4 cup Hazelnuts chopped
Preheat oven to 150 degrees.
Melt the oil, honey and brown sugar (if you choose to use) on low heat in a saucepan.
Meanwhile add all the other ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well together.
Once the saucepan mixture is melted add it to the other ingredients and mix well until whole mixture is coated. Put the mixture in to a lined roasting tray and place in the oven for 20-30min. Stir and check every 10min so that the muesli mixture does not catch and burn.
Once you take the mixture out of the oven, leave to cool. The mixture will harden and small clumps will form. Break this up if you wish.
Ensure to store your muesli in an air tight container.
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