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The Farm Gate Catch Up (and a HUGE Apology)

January 22, 2013

It is with extreme embarrassment and a huge apology that I note we have not posted anything on this site since April 2012. I could go through a huge list of ‘why’ but I think it is best to just ‘get on with it’, as the attitude often has to be on the land.

So, in short, we are back!
Our Facebook and Twitter pages/accounts get updated almost daily or at least 2-3 times a week but for those that do not have access to those, we are terribly sorry!

We also returned to the Farmer’s Markets (Orange Grove and Marrickville) in Sydney this week (after 3 weeks of only concentrating on the farm and a few days at the beach) and it was really lovely catching up with all of our fabulous regular customers again. Speaking of catching up, there is far too much for just one blog, so we will have to split this catch up over a few. For those of you who we do speak with at markets regularly or are following us on Twitter/Facebook you know there have been quite a lot of changes and quite a few plans in the ‘farm-works’ for the future.

There are exciting and hard work times ahead (harvest is upon us again), but for the most part, we are up for the challenge!

Over the coming days/weeks we will post draft blogs that have finally been finalised, as well as some new stories and adventures we would like to share, including all the fabulous produce starting to come off the orchard in 2013!

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