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Catch Up – Part 1 – April 2012 (The Fortunate Life – A Year In the Life of a Farmer’s Wife)

January 22, 2013

Just as the posts stopped on this blog, I (Katie) also stopped working on another project that was in the works: The Fortunate Life – A Year In the Life of a Farmer’s Wife. The idea was to post my personal experiences, recipes and a bit of background of my family heritage and how it was that Beau, Little H and I ended up in the Central West. Most people may not be aware, but the conection to the land is actually from my family baclground. The first time Beau placed a foot in an orchard was after meeting my family :). Some people find this hard to believe as it is now apart of him and they really can not fathom that he once sat dressed in suits, at a computer, in an architecture office!
I also wanted to pay homage to the amazing woman that have touched my life and especially my Grandmothers and other ladies from the land who were never truly appreciated or acknowledged for how much they contributed!

Unfortunately as with this blog/site, the above site had come to a stand still (or never took off). I am also still a little unsure as to whether I should keep them seperate. So many of our customers/friends want to know it all! So that decision will be made a little later. But for now I will include the posts off The Fortunate Life here, just for interest sake :).

So here is a copy of the fourth post : The Single Wife (1 April 2012)

This is the beginning of what I call ‘the single wife’ time of the year. It is apple harvest time. Which also means pear harvest, fig harvest, vegie planting and harvest, garlic planting, potato harvest and several other things I’m sure to have forgotten!
This basically means that my hubby leaves sometime around dawn, and a dirty, smelly, zombie-like figure returns after dusk, who barely has the energy to bathe, feed and fall into bed. Somehow, before we had Little H, that used to be me as well. I have no idea how we managed to get through that time with no one at home doing our washing, cleaning and cooking for us!
Strangely though, when there is something special in the oven, my Zombie Husband miraculously turns up on time for dinner or manages to stay awake for that special dessert.
Although it is a hectic time of year it is also very exciting as there is so much happening on the farm and so many wonderful things coming off the trees or out of the ground. After I spend time helping on the farm or in the office or looking after Little H there is not a huge amount of time to be  adventurous in the kitchen, but I do often find myself spending any spare moment I do have poring over one of my cookbooks for the next recipe to try out or experiment with.
I don’t consider myself a particularly good cook, although my hubby does always tell me I underestimate my cooking abilities. Not one for self-praise, I often get embarrassed when my Dad recounts a story of a meal I have cooked. My technique is what I would describe as ‘rustic’ – I have no idea how to debone this or separate that, and am quite hopeless when it comes to meat in general. Thank goodness we have some fabulous local producers and butchers who do most of the hard work!
One skill in particular that eludes me is presentation. All these cooking shows and magazines make you worry about these things. Whereas once, the flavour of the meal was the key to a great meal, now it is all about eating with your eyes as well. As much as I hate to say it, I am sure my hubby doesn’t take anywhere near as much notice as I do, at this time of year, of our meals – it is all about filling his stomach and getting warm, which is no doubt what my Grandpas were interested in back in the day. Food for the farmer is all about flavour and fueling the body! I am sure none of my Grandmothers ever apologised for the way they plated up their food. But now we farmers’ wives do like to keep our farmers happy 😉
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