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Local Harvest Challenge – Day 5 (5/4/12)

April 5, 2012

WOW, what a day!

As with every Thursday at this time of year, it was crazy! The Thursday before the Easter weekend has to be one of the busiest days for all apple farmers and orchards in the Orange region. Everyone is fighting to get their apples off the trees and get them in to the local co-op before 5pm. The next chance to get back in to the co-op is not until Tuesday and that is an extremely long time when everyone is in the middle of apple harvest! (Unfortunately that does not mean that we actually get a mini break or holiday!)
It is quite a sight seeing truck after truck fighting its way in to town, weighed down with mountains of apple bins! (I wish I had taken some photos)

Needless to say that there was not a lot of time today to consider food or meals! Apart from what we were eating while picking :).

Dinner was very ad hoc and a bit of a throw together which turned out much nicer than I had expected considering my eyes were (and still are) glazing over!

p.s apart from filling up on caffeine at local cafe’s today………. I did manage to book a lovely group lunch at Racine Restaurant. two weeks is far too long to wait! 
When was the last time you booked a meal at one of your local restaurants? Especially one that supports local farmers and producers!!??

Day 5.

(ingredients used: Racine bread, our tomato and apple chutney, Bills English Breakfast tea, Jonathan and Fuji apples, Fourjay Unsweetened Muesli, Fourjay hazelnuts, figs, our clear apple juice, Jannei goats milk, garlic, Trunky Creek double smoked ham, La Barre olive oil, lemons, home parsley, fennel, corn, carrots, corella pears, Happy Chook Co eggs, Saltbird salt, pepper, Dessert left over Day 4, High Valley Cheese Co cheddar, Manildra flour) 

– Racine Toast with Mariposa plum jam and Fourjays Museli with goats milk
Lunch– Double smoked ham, cheddar and tomato and apple chutney sandwich
Dinner– Fennel, Corn and Carrot Fritters with homemade Garlic Aioli, Gremolata and Lemon
Dessert – (left overs from day 4) Red Anjour Pears poached in red wine with French Vanilla Gelato
Snacks/Drinks– Fuji apples, Corella pears, Figs, Hazelnuts, Clear Apple Juice, Mocha from The Borenore Store and Chai Latte from Hawkes General Store.

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  1. April 5, 2012 11:36 pm

    Hi Katie, I’m enjoying following your 7 day challenge and hearing about how you juggle harvest and family (among many other things). Keep up the great blogging.

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