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Local Harvest Challenge

March 30, 2012
Even with the abundance of produce in our region it often seems that our magnificent city sometimes forgets about the farmers and producers that are right on its doorstep. Unlike the booming weekly farmers’ markets in Sydney, our market is monthly, unfortunate considering the amazing range of producers in the region. Residents of Orange are of course spoilt for choice with amazing local restaurants and cafes, so they can sometimes be forgiven for not sourcing more local produce themselves to use at home!
One of the best sources of regional produce is A Slice of Orange, who stock practically everything that can be found at local farmers’ markets and more, providing a point of sale for many other growers. Anything they don’t have on the shelves can usually be sourced by Jess or Lisa with a phone call to one of their many suppliers. The girls have an amazing range of value-added products and a small range of fresh produce. Best of all, fresh produce can be ordered by the girls in  seasonal boxes which we ourselves source, grow and provide to the store and are ordered and delivered once a week. A Slice of Orange also stocks meat and dairy from local farmers as well as the wonderful pastries and breads made by local restaurant Racine. The girls also launched their online store late in 2011, making their products even more accessible. 
So when Lisa from A Slice of Orange approached me about getting involved in the Local Harvest Challenge I could not think of a better way to not only promote the amazing local growers and producers in our region but also prove that it is easier than most people think to eat local. We have a head start on this challenge, as we already buy as much as we can locally. Naturally we also have the luxury of fresh fruit and vegetables quite literally at our fingertips, but there are many ways other locals can access the best of the region’s produce.
From 1 to 7 April, our family’s challenge is to source ingredients from within 100 miles, according to A Slice of Orange’s ethos of the 100 Mile Diet. Groceries like toilet paper and Harry’s essentials will be bought from a locally-owned store. Where we need to use basics like salt, sugar and yeast, if they are not produced or value-added by a local company we will be trying to either find a substitute or not use them if possible!
We will be taking on this challenge with Lisa Lovick (A Slice of Orange, Orange), Willa Arantz (Racine Restaurant, Orange), David Cummings (Define Wine, Orange), Kate Barclay (Bendy Street Emporium, Canowindra), Sophie Hansen (Local is Lovely and Mandagery Creek Venison, Orange) and Julia Andrews (Hamilton’s Bluff, Canowindra) who will all be blogging about the experience, produce and recipes. So stand by for what could be an exciting challenge (including comical moments like when I tell Beau we won’t be eating chocolate for the week!)
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  1. Cheryl permalink
    April 1, 2012 7:07 pm

    Local harvest is a wonderful concept. Cant wait to see the results.

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