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A New Year

January 25, 2012

Happy New Year to everyone.

After an ‘unofficial’ period of maternity leave, I am now back on deck and ready for a big year at The Farm Gate.

2011 was such a big year for many reasons. A biggie, was the addition of future farmer Harrison, aka ‘Harry’ to the Farm Gate family!
But 2011 was also a big year for many of our crops and harvests.
After the wipeout of all cherries in the Central West (and NSW) in 2010 we were hoping for a much better year in 2011. We didn’t quite get what we hoped for, with quite a bit of damage but it was an improvement for us from the 2010 crop. Unfortunately many of our colleagues were not so lucky as alot of the larger cherry producers in Orange still had quite a few issues with their crops in 2011.

We now look forward, to our 2012 crops! So far the crops are looking promising. We are hoping for a few more sunny days to get the color moving on our apples, but the apples, pears, figs and stone fruit all look good at this stage. We even started picking our Early Gold apples last week. The first apple harvest for 2012.
Our garlic harvest was completed just before Christmas. The harvest was great and the garlic itself has good size, form and structure! Even better, and most important, the taste of all varieties is amazing!!
Our 2012 spud crops are in the ground and many other of our heirloom vegie lines are either in or almost ready to plant.

We had quite a few stone fruit come on over our Christmas break and this meant they got sent to the Farm Gate kitchen for preserving. Christmas almost wiped out our preserving stocks! I was however in the kitchen before and after Christmas and our value-added stocks are well on their way back. We currently have stocks of our Whole Fig and Burnt Fig Jams as well as our Maripossa Plum Jelly, Jam and Sauce. We have the addition of new products; White Peach Sauce, Tomato and Apple Chutney and Apricot Chutney ready to be tested before adding to our shelves. We also managed to cook and preserve a small amount of our Morello Cherries before Christmas so we will have Spiced and Brandied Morello Cherries available at some point this year. We will also have the return of many of our most popular and favourites (including our preserved lemons, quince jelly, apple jelly etc) once the season is upon us and we can preserve more!

Our Cloudy and Clear Apple Juice will also be back in February.

A reminder that our Preserve and Juice range can also be found at A Slice of Orange and the Visitors Information Centre, both found in Orange!

Beau and John have spent most of the last 4 weeks catching up on farm maintenance, pruning and thinning of this years crops! We also had visits from some of our Sydney Farm Gate crew over the break to get some hands on ‘farm’ experience!

We would like to thank all of our many customers (again) for supporting us again in 2011. Without you all, we would not be able to make the trips to Sydney each week. So a BIG Thank You and we look forward to seeing you all in 2012 again!

We also look forward to what will hopefully be a year of lime light for many farmers! 2012 is the Australian year of the Farmer! Hopefully this will highlight many topics currently facing Australian Farmers!

Remember that you can keep more up to date with the farm, our produce and movement via Twitter (katiefarmgate) and Facebook (The Farm Gate by Nashdale fruit Co.).
Keep an eye out for many more blogs this year and over the next few weeks as I slowly get back in to it. We are currently hitting our peek harvest time so there will be lots to blog about and keep you posted on.

on behalf of Beau, John and The Farm Gate crew!

Ps. if u need to contact us please do so via Facebook, Twitter or mobile telephone! We are currently having some computer issues and can not access our emails.













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