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It’s a New Year (2011)

January 10, 2011

Happy new year readers! 2010 was a year of ups and downs for The Farm Gate, as is the nature of farming. We started the year with almost dry dams and streams and ended the year with more water than we knew what to do with. Even today one of our main dams (which has all but been completely empty for the past 10 years) is still overflowing from a small amount of rain we received over the last week. Our three-month-old Indian Runnner ducks are loving their transition to the full dam.

(from left, Indian Runners at 1 months old and one of the full dams)

Unfortunately all that rain also meant the end of what was sure to be an amazing cherry harvest in November and December. Luckily John and Beau were on top of things and just managed to get the garlic crop out of the ground before it too was ruined. Somehow they also managed to plant the 2011 spud crop in a period of four straight days of sunshine during the rainy period.

(from left, garlic harvest drying on drying racks and Beau checking the potato crop)

We are now looking forward and are starting the clean-up once again from all the rain. The figs, which we were quite concerned about, seem to be looking quite good at this stage, and we have our fingers crossed for a good crop. The apples and pears are being thinned as I type and are too looking fabulous. 

(from left, young black figs and young granny smith apples)

The men have pulled some stone fruit off the trees in the last couple of days and it is amazing. My kitchen is currently filled with an incredible aroma from the white peaches Beau has bought home for me to cook. Watch out for an upcoming blogpost on the first cooking adventures of 2011 and the new bottled goodies made from our wonderful summer and autumn fruit that will be appearing at our markets in the coming months.

We have lots planned for 2011 including farm tours during Orange FOOD Week in April 2011. Keep an eye on our website for updates about this and other news, events and issues. 

We would like to thank everyone for their support in 2010 and we look forward to another great year in 2011.
See you at the markets!

Many Thanks and Happy New Year
Katie, on behalf of John and Beau and the whole team at The Farm Gate by Nashdale Fruit Co.

2011 Market Update:

The end of 2010 also unfortunately saw the the end of our presence at the Manly Farmers Market. After 2 years Beau has decided to finish up at the markets, an extremely hard decision which came down to the extra hours he was spending on the road. We will especially miss all of our wonderful customers. Please do come and visit us at one of our other markets!

We will return to the markets in January 2011 as follows (and then as usual from February onwards):

Marrickville: Third, Fourth and Fifth Sundays, 16th, 23rd and 30th January



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