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Ride-on Dinner

August 7, 2010

As part of the Sydney Design Festival 2010, presented by the Powerhouse Museum, Object: Australia Centre for Craft and Design with Ride-on Dinner will host Sydney’s first ride-on dinner

You may have seen the article (Pedalling slow food) in last weeks Good Living regarding the ride-on dinner and the Farm Gate’s involvement. Unfortunately there was a slight mistake regarding The Farm Gate being a ‘certified organic grower’. An unfortunate mistake. We do however sell chemical free produce from our own farms and certified organic produce from friends’ farms, so the mistake was an easy one to make.

The Farm Gate by Nashdale Fruit Co. is very honoured to be the sole provider of the fresh produce for the event. The Farm Gate will be providing produce from their own farms in Nashdale (Orange, NSW) which will also be complimented by produce they have sourced from friends farms around Orange and the Hawkesbury area.

Beau and Katie will also be joining the tour throughout the evening.

The event is set to be an exciting one with participants being led on a ‘tour that takes you around the inner-city, experiencing a world of food, history, transport and architecture through storytelling and skills sharing. The audience become participants in this mobile, pedal-powered kitchen, sharing a meal along the way’.

For more information on the event or ride-on dinner please see the below websites:

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